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The Wrong Freaking House: Part 2


Starring Jacquelyn Velvets, Galas and James Barbatus

Cat Burglar Galas just got a great tip about a local housewife and the kinds of pretty jewelry she has to steal! She gets her gear together and sneaks into the house... but this is THE WRONG FREAKING HOUSE! Because, you see, it's MINE! When she discovers me asleep on the couch, villainous Galas decides to make sure that I'm down for he count.

She pulls out a Chloro rag and presses it tightly over my face. I kick my panty-hosed feet desperately, but to no avail! She sends me to dreamland, and wanders off to inspect my things. But Galas doesn't realize that I'm highly resistant to Chloroform. I'm awake again much faster that she expects, and I pounce on her, sending her crashing to the floor with a brutal neck chop!

At this point, I have a heck of an idea! I'm going to torment this thief, and we're going to play my favorite knock out games! I pretend to be passed out beside her. She wakes, and stumbles into the hallway. I pursue her, and get her with another neck chop! I drag her limp form into the bedroom and take off her dress! Now, in only a bra and pantyhose, she's more vulnerable than ever! I pretend to be out again, and when she wakes she finds me there beside her. She's pretty shrewd, though, and quickly KO's me!

She runs to the door, hoping to escape, but I'm not done having my fun yet! I spring from behind her, but she manages to neck chop me! I fall unconscious, and she removes my dress and pantyhose, and chokes me out with my hose! I turn the tide, though, and return the favor! Before long, Galas is nude from the waist down and completely out of it!

Now it's time to store her for my later use... I have henchman James Barbatus come over, and he easily tosses her over his shoulder, and carries her slowly to the bedroom!

This movie contains chloro KOs, pantyhose, multiple neck chop KOs, foot pressure point KOs, pantyhose strangulation KOs, dragging, groping, nude OTS carry


  • 31 minutes runtime
  • Resolution - 1920x1080
  • File Size - 3.53 GB

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