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Tiger Woman and The Jungle Goddess


Starring Jacquelyn Velvets and Saya Savage

The beautiful Tiger Woman (Saya), charged with keeping her jungle safe, is attacked by a vicious bounty hunter (Jacquelyn Velvets), who weakens her with a tranq to the neck.  The bounty hunter squeezes Saya unconscious with a bearhug and inspects her body.  Jungle Girl tries to get up but the chemical sends her back to sleep.  Ready to take her prey, Velvets is suddenly startled by the sound of a ferocious beast nearby.  She runs…and in steps the Jungle Goddess, a powerful being who overlooks everything Mother Nature provides.  The beautiful Goddess steps in and admires Tiger Woman’s limp body.   She rubs a special healing oil into Saya’s perfect skin…enjoying the sensation.  Saya comes to, grateful to the Goddess.  So grateful that the two lock lips and kiss sensually.  The Goddess eventually has to leave, however, and has to use a special sleeping powder to render Saya completely unconscious (taking some time to caress the sleeping warrior’s body) as she disappears into the jungle.   Moments later, Saya awakens, finding a black rose as a gift from her beautiful Goddess.  Her smile lights up the world as the screen slowly fades to black.

This movie contains poison dart KO, bear hug KO, sleeping powder KO


14 minutes runtime 
Resolution - 720x1280
File Size - 1.3 GB

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