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Very Merry Knockout: Part 8


Starring Jacquelyn Velvets, Kayla Lael, Addie Juniper, Serena Voxx, Andrea Rosu, Jinx, Scott Torvea, and Photognome as Santa!

People have been wondering, as they do every year after 7 astounding episodes: How the HECK is Jacquelyn Velvets going to top her LAST Christmas video? And it’s a valid concern… Not to worry, though: Miss Velvets has done it yet again, this time delivering an amazingly funny and sexy holiday treat populated with some of the best in the business. Directed by Miss Velvets and filmed by Sleeperkid, this story starts off with a naughty Elf from the South Pole being punished by Santa Claus for, well…being EXTRA naughty.

Scott is commanded to decorate every inch of a house with Christmas cheer, a task he finds to be boring and below his pay-grade once Santa leaves. The elf spots a life-size female nutcracker doll (played by the amazing Kayla Lael) and tries to bring her to life as an assistant with some magic powder (purchased from a skeevy cousin). The attempt fails, so Scott remembers an old trick he learned a few years back. He grabs a special bell from a nearby Xmas tree and starts to summon a bevy of sexy Xmas elves to help him, only to find that they’re WAY more concerned with spreading Holiday cheer and not doing manual labor.

Depressed and dismayed, the devious elf dispatches each elf via a series of knockouts and carries, piling them up on the floor…all while the beautiful nutcracker he brought to life and wrote off opens her eyes and watches, waiting for each elf to wake up so she can send her back to Dreamland again. The evil elf begins to suspect as much but can’t quite catch the devious doll in the act…until a final KO via a piece of Xmas garland reveals the nutcracker to be his new and faithful servant. Scott decides to use this to his advantage, giggling as he commands the toy girl to take the blame for everything seconds before he makes his escape.

Moments later Santa appears and manages to get the truth out of the faithful nutcracker. He shuts her down and out with a spank from his magic paddle and goes on to awaken his lovely and inept elves. The ladies are saddened at yet another Xmas failure and accept their punishment, each one taking a spanking/KO across the couch before Santa leaves to find Scott the Elf. The elves all start to come to, however, so Santa’s nutcracker comes to life yet again…knocking them all out one at a time in order to serve her new master, and passing out/shutting down on the couch next to all five of them as we slowly fade to black.

This movie contains bell KO, candy cane bonk KO, gift box spray KO, smoke ornament woozy, bow smother KO, toy sword head bonk KOs, toy sword choke KO, nutcracker sleepy gas KOs, garland choke KO, shut down KOs, multiple spanking KOs, over the shoulder carries, body piles

32 minutes run time with OUTTAKES
Resolution - 720x1280
File Size - 1.71 GIG

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