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A Friendly Competition


Starring Kat Van Wilder and Sage Pillar

Sage Pillar and Kat Van Wilder are excited at the opportunity they’ve just received. As the two TOP Bikini Agents for the notorious Miss Velvets, they’re primed to take over the role as her champion and personal bodyguard. The only thing standing in their way…is each other!

Luckily, Jacquelyn has the perfect idea about how to choose between the two! She’ll have a sexy KO competition, and whoever is still standing at the end will win it all. There are no holds barred, and the ladies are turned loose to put each other out. 

The trade knockouts back and forth using everything they learned in training…but ultimately, will either one of them have what it takes to impress Jacquelyn? 

This video includes hand choke KOs, leg scissor KOs, breast smother KO, chloroform in bath water KO, shoe choke KO


  • 14 minutes runtime
  • Resolution - 1920x1080
  • File Size - 1.09 GB

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