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An Experimental Treatment


Starring Whitney Morgan and James Barbatus

Whitney Morgan has been having trouble sleeping, and that just won’t do! She’s askes around town, and after speaking with her friend Jacquelyn, she’s decided to give James Barbatus’s Therapeutic Services a try. She did the initial consultation last week, and this week she hopes to really get started with James’s infamous therapy methods. 

One thing that Dr. Barbatus guarantees is that you WILL sleep using his methods. He’s a licensed therapist after all, and when he breaks out the pendulum, Whitney is willing to try hypnotherapy even if it does seem a little silly. What Miss Morgan doesn’t realize, though, is that James Barbatus is more than just a therapist. 

He’s also a grade A creepster, and once he has the lovely woman under his thrall, he’ll make sure he collects his payment one way or another. Under the guise of medical intervention, the fiendish Dr. Barbatus knocks Whitney out over and over before eventually retiring her to his private bedroom. 

He’s pretty sure he can think of a few more “treatments” he’d like to try with her. 

This movie contains: Hypnosis KO, Sleepy KO Commands, Chloroform KOs, Sleepy Spray KO, Freezing, Over the shoulder carries, Rag Dolling


  • 19 minutes runtime
  • Resolution - 1920x1080
  • File Size - 1.57 GB

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