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Immerse Yourself with: Sumiko The Bully


Starring Sumiko

Sumiko is a mean girl, and one of the boys at her school has finally had enough. While she was at cheerleading practice, he snuck into her house, and is lying in wait to surprise and humiliate her when she gets home. The only problem is that Sumiko’s parents are rich, and they have a state of the art home security system that sends alerts directly to her phone! She saw video of him breaking in, and has decided to turn the tables on him! 

With a vicious jab, she knocks him senseless and then retrieves her bag of sleepy goodies to torment him further. She teases and tases him, chloroforms him and ties him up, all so that she can take a camera roll full of humiliating pictures to share with every popular kid in school. That’s it, his life is OVER! 

But he’s not ready to take this insult without a fight. When Sumiko ties a knot on his leg wrong so that she can quickly answer a call, he has just the opportunity he needs. He takes control of the situation, and visits all the same torture on bully Sumiko as she has piled on him for months! 

Now that the intruder is in control, will Sumiko ever be the same again, or will this be the lesson that she has always needed to learn? 

This movie includes POV punch, POV taser, POV chloroform, taser KOs, punch KOs, foot taser KO, sleepy spray KOs, neck chop KO, chloroform KOs, neck pinch KO, black jack KO, belly punching, rag dolling


  • 33 minutes runtime
  • Resolution - 1920x1080
  • File Size - 2.71 GB

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