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Starring Jacquelyn Velvets, Coco and James Barbatus

Loop is a unique experience, a psycho thriller unlike anything else on Velvets Fantasies! But don't worry, there's still plenty of sexy sensual bondage, drooling, and carries!

One such carry, a long slo-mo nude OTS, kicks off the movie as villainous James Barbatus is shown carrying a naked Jacquelyn Velvets somewhere during what feels like a dream... and perhaps it is! After all, when she briefly breaks through the veil of sleep and awakes, she seems to find herself wired up to some kind of device... and there's someone else there too! Another woman lies beside her in the testing chamber, but Jacquelyn is too panicked and disoriented to be able to tell who this person is!

Quickly, Jacquelyn falls back into the dream, where we discover that she's a famous writer. Unfortunately, she has been experiencing a severe bout of writer's block and her publisher is breathing down her neck! She's not sure what to do... until one dark and stormy night when a sexy stranger knocks on her door. She opens the door to reveal Coco, who has had the misfortune of breaking down in the rain just up the street! She quickly invites the stranger in and tells her to go dry off in the bathroom.

But when Coco hands Jacquelyn a file marked with the infinity loop, it seems to be the answer to all of the author's problems! It's the outline of a story, an intriguing thriller about temporal shifting. She knows that this is a bestseller... she just needs to get rid of her new houseguest and claim if for herself! She slips something in her newfound friend's wine, and calls her henchman James to come and deal with the situation!

James carries Coco to the living room, where she is bound topless with her hands over her head! A thick black ballgag is shoved into her mouth. Drool oozes from her lips and slides down her face, saturating her naked tits as Jacquelyn tells her what's about to happen. James subdues Coco once more, and carries her to a large open window... where he will kick her to the ground below, thus ridding Jacquelyn of her.

The scene shifts, and we find that Jacquelyn is talking to... who's this? A therapist? She's confessing the entire event, sure that she's covered by Doctor/Patient confidentiality. But there's a confusing twist! She's confessing to none other than Coco herself! What the hell is going on here?

Jacquelyn wakes once more, sure this time that there's a presence in the test chamber... and whoever they are, they have ill intent...

But then she slides into the nightmare once more... only to find the roles reversed in the delirious dream!

This movie contains fainting KO, drink KO, bondage, drooling, over the shoulder carries, nude OTS, bound OTS, toplessness, groping


  • 28 minutes runtime
  • Resolution - 1920x1080
  • File Size - 2.29 GB

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