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Midnight And Madness


Starring Jacquelyn Velvets and Ailsa Battles

At the end of the day, Jacquelyn Velvets just wants to slip into some satiny pajamas and relax with a glass of wine before bed. Little does she know, she has attracted the attention of a succubus stalker. Unwilling to wait for her delectable victim to fall asleep on her own, the succubus spikes her wine with a magical sleeping spell. Jacquelyn stumbles to bed and passes out, completely unaware as the succubus climbs on top of her and begins draining her life essence.

The next day Jacquelyn is so groggy she barely makes it out of bed and through the day. When she gets home she goes straight to bed and falls into a sound sleep. The succubus returns to find Jacquelyn already asleep and promptly straddles her and begins draining her again. This time, however, she startles awake and the succubus is forced to use her magic to choke her back into unconsciousness.

Unwilling to dismiss the strange fatigue and nightmares as insignificant, Jacquelyn researches what might be happening to her and what she can do about it. When the succubus arrives again, the tables are turned as Jaquelyn springs a magical trap! She takes control of the demon and enjoys puppeting and playing with her until a minor mistake causes her to break the binding circle. The humiliated succubus uses her supernatural strength to overwhelm the would-be mage and, lifting her by the throat, throws her back onto the bed. Climbing on top of her, the enraged succubus begins choking her victim with her bare hands, but Jacquelyn has one more hidden trick in the form of a magical amulet that knocks her attacker unconscious. Breathless from the demon’s attack, and exhausted from her own inexperienced use of magic, Jacquelyn quickly follows the succubus into unconsciousness.

Using magic has consequences, however, and it can be dangerous for the inexperienced to try to manipulate reality. Jacquelyn used a variety of different magics to try to defeat her attacker. What strange reality will the women wake up into?

This movie contains magical sleepy drink KO, magical choke KO, puppet on a string limb manipulation, throat lift, throat choke KO


  • 15 minutes runtime
  • Resolution - 1920x1280
  • File Size - 1.23 GB

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