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Monica's Night Out


Starring Monica Jade and Sleeperkid

Monica Jade comes over for a hangout with Jacquelyn who is no where to be found. She then receieves a text message that Jacquelyn will not return home until 4 hours later! Outraged, Monica laments about the awful afternoon she just had, and would like nothing more than to sleep the memory of it away. She then remembers that Jacquelyn has a sleepy concoction that will just do the trick. She can't however, remember how much she was advised to take, and possibly takes a little more than she can handle.

An hour later, SK comes home to find poor Monica, unconscious on the floor, only occasionally rolling her eyes and moaning about how she wants to go back to sleep. SK has no choice but to help his fallen friend, by rag dolling and carrying her to hopefully awaken the sleeping beauty. After an request from Monica to keep her knocked out, SK then takes advantage of the opportunity to keep her unconscious while he gets to have her as his own personal rag doll.

SK gets his way, and in the end leaves the sleepy doll primed and ready for when Jacquelyn comes home to find her. As the night progresses Monica soon realizes that maybe going over to a sleepy fetishtist household was not the right place to take an self induced nap!

This movie contains drugged drink KO, neck pinch KO, sleeper hold KO, chloroform KO,  mouth play, over the shoulder carries, emphasis on rag dolling

26 minutes run time
Resolution - 720x1280
File Size - 875 MB

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