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Night Games


Starring Jacquelyn Velvets, Terra Mizu and Lia Labowe

We fade in on three lovely, nighty-clad friends (Jacquelyn Velvets, Lia Labowe, and Terra Mizu) as they decide what to do at the tail-end of their slumber party.  Jacquelyn suggests re-visiting an old sleepy game they used to play and her two besties agree, but seconds after producing a bag of knockout toys, Velvets sprays them with a healthy dose of sleepy gas!   Lia and Terra slip into darkness, leaving Jacquelyn a perfect opportunity to relieve them of their attire.   Smiling, the beautiful blonde runs off and hides, sparking an epic game of cat and mouse filled with a wide variety of knockout techniques.  

Each lady takes turns as victim and attacker, leaving scantily-clad body piles all over the house as the game rages on.  Having been outclassed, Lia and Terra move in on Jacquelyn, but their host has a final game in mind: one involving three dosed dust masks and a slow and sexy struggle to make it to the kitchen door!   In one heck of a climax, all three ladies struggle against the sleepy masks, climbing over each other as they slowly crawl towards their goal.  Their eyes roll as they produce sexy groans, pantyhose-clad legs sliding off of each other until two of them slowly succumb, and one lady barely makes it!  A final 2-on-1 carry and a sudden double cross ends the night’s festivities, leaving two sleeping ladies piled up on a bed as the victor runs off to open a much-needed bottle of wine…

This movie contains sleepy spray KO, sleeper hold KO, chloroform KO, double taser KO, breast smother KOs, neck pinch KO, black jack KOs, face sitting KO, dust mask KOs, neck chop KOs, two person carry, body piles, pantyhose, limp limb manipulation


27 minutes runtime 
Resolution - 720x1280
File Size - 1.4 GB

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