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One Drink Too Many


Starring Kat Van Wilder and James Barbatus

Kat Van Wilder has had a terrible week. Good thing for her that she has such an amazing friend in Jacquelyn Velvets. The wonderful Miss Velvets has invited Kat to stay for the night, and has even mixed up one of her special “cocktails” to ensure that the lovely redhead can catch a few desperately needed Zs. 

Unfortunately, Jacquelyn is a very busy woman, and she has forgotten a very important part of having someone stay over...notifying her live-in partner that they’re there. When James Barbatus comes home after an irritating day of arguing with co-workers, he’s anything but pleased to find another woozy woman passed out on his pillow. 

He knows how important it is to Jacquelyn that they be good hosts, so he tries everything he can think of to get Kat out of his bed and to a more appropriate place to rest. He attempts to wake her, to drag her to another room, even to counteract the sedative...but in the end, he just has to toss the dainty lady over his shoulder and carry her out himself. 

This video includes emphasis on rag dolling, drugged drink KOs, sleepy spray KO, limp play, OTS carry, cradle carries


  • 14 minutes runtime
  • Resolution - 1920x1080
  • File Size - 1.58 GB

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