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Out Of Luck


Starring Laynie Luck and Sleeperkid

We fade in on a brand new VF heroine (Lady Luck…played beautifully by pro wrestler Laynie Luck) as she makes her way towards her nemesis…a man known simply as CONTROL.  After kidnapping every heroine in the city, Miss Luck is its citizens' only hope, but as she makes her way towards the building’s entrance, the evildoer appears behind her and immediately hypnotizes her with a high-tech mesmerizing mask!  He forces Lady Luck into a deep sleep and carries her into his home, where he proceeds to play a vicious series of sleepy/hypno/freeze games with her, throwing in some limp play and carries just for kicks, all before revealing that SHE is the one who sent him to jail for 5 years…and his endgame is vengeance!   After a final and brutal beat down, Control uses a heavy sedative to put Miss Luck out for days, carrying her off so she can join her friends in permanent captivity!!

This movie contains hypnosis KO, hypnosis commands, YES MASTER command responses, sleep commands, cape choke KO, sleeper hold KO, nerve pinch KO, freeze commands, frozen posing, chloroform KO, black jack KO, sleepy spray KO, punch outs, reverse bear hug KO, injection KO, over the shoulder carries, dragging, cradle carry, de-masking, de-booting, limp limb manipulation


24 minutes runtime 
Resolution - 720x1280
File Size - 1.86 GB

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