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Pulled Apart


Starring Jacquelyn Velvets and Sumiko

Our scene opens with a rookie reporter named Sumiko. She’s hot on the trail of uncovering a scoop for on local mob boss Jacquelyn Velvets. She’s discovered that she is alive and well, and was clued in to her secret location. All she needs is a single photo of her that will launch her career and land Velvets in jail once and for all. 

Sumiko makes her way into the house and sneaks around taking a few photos of anything that looks like incriminating evidence. What she doesn’t realize is that she’s not alone, and gets ambushed by Velvets, and she’s not in the mood for small talk. Velvets is mad as hell for Sumiko breaking into her home and teaches this reporter a thing or two about snooping around where she doesn’t belong by giving her the beatdown of a lifetime!

The rookie gets manhandled and dragged around by the collar on her shirt, receiving multiple punches to the face, crotch, and topping it all off with a sleeper hold. When Sumiko wakes up, she’s tied and seemingly helpless, but Velvets makes a mistake of trusting her and Sumiko gets the upper hand, but only for a moment. In the end, the mob boss decides to finish off the snoopy reporter and put her down for a nice long nap by choking her out. And with a little bit of rope, there’s no way she’ll be snooping around any further!

This movie contains shirt pulling, c busting, punch KOs, sleeper hold KO, choke KO, dragging by shirt, face grabbing, bondage


15 minutes runtime

Resolution - 720x1280

File Size - 1.13 GB

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