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Taking Out Anne Marie


Starring Sumiko and Anne Marie

Anne Marie may be known for her strength, but when Mr. Wrong comes along, even she finds herself weak in the knees. She knows that he’s bad for her, and when Sumiko offers to help her break the addiction, Anne Marie jumps at the opportunity. Unfortunately, she can only remain resolute for so long.

When her dark appetite gets the better of her, Anne Marie begins to plot an escape from Sumiko’s protective presence. 

But the lovely Sumiko is no lilting violet herself, and she has given her word to her friend. No matter how hard Anne Marie begs or bargains, Sumiko has no intention of letting her run back to her destructive man. Anne Marie is staying put, and if Sumiko has to knock her cold to make sure of it then she’s more than prepared to have a little fun with it!

Every time Anne Marie’s cravings get the better of her, Sumiko is ready to spring into action. Be it with a choke hold, or a nerve pinch, or even a sharp right hook, the ever vigilant beauty is prepared to uphold her promise. Time and again, she effortlessly tosses her limp friend over her shoulder and carries her back to the bedroom for safe keeping.

Anne Marie can struggle all she likes, but Sumiko proves that true friendship is overwhelming!

This movie contains sleeper hold KO, neck pinch KO, chloroform KO, punch out KO, drugged drink KO, multiple extended over the shoulder carries, eye check, sleepy kissing, crossed eyes, limp limb manipulation 


  • 15 minutes runtime 
  • Resolution - 720x1280
  • File Size - 1.59 GB

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