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The Controlled Ragdoll


Starring Galas and James Barbatus

When James awoke on the couch yesterday, it took him a moment to get his bearings. See, I can't help but take our sexy sleepy games a bit further each time. This time, I knocked him out and dragged a senseless Galas Looner directly next to him! As his vision clears, he sees her there on the floor. He tries to wake her... kind of. Mostly, he just rag dolls her gorgeous body, lifts her, and carries her in both a cradle and a sensual OTS!

He does finally get her to come around, but when her eyes open they're still bleary and distant. I know what James likes, you know... so I've hypnotized her to obey his commands! He suggests that she can stay the night, and that she should just get comfortable. She takes this as a command to strip, and starts pulling off her clothes! James starts to catch on, and he freezes her as she strips. He snaps her out to sleep again and again, rag dolling her and carrying her when the mood strikes him.

Eventually, he carries her off to the bedroom, where the REAL fun begins! I've left him a collection of my favorite knockout toys there, including Chloroform and sleep spray! He uses both repeatedly, edging her in and out of sleep as he wishes! He sits her on the bed and makes her mindlessly repeat some mantras...and then he sends her out to capture another one of her friends for us!

I think this is the best gift I've given James so far! What do you think?

This movie contains emphasis on rag dolling, cradle carries, over the shoulder carries, strip tease, freeze commands, sleep commands, sleepy spray KOs, chloro KOs, camera flash KOs



  • 42 minutes runtime
  • Resolution - 1920x1080
  • File Size - 4.85 GB

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