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The Nightgown Chronicles: The Beware House


Starring Jacquelyn Velvets

A terrifying tale filled with multiple knockouts, silk stalkings, and a variety of settings starts with an unconscious Miss Velvets slowly coming to in a modified coffin after what appears to be a successful abduction.  She comes to and we suddenly see through the eyes of her tormentor…a man (or is it a creature?) gleefully garnering joy from repeatedly sneaking up on his beautiful prey and frightening her until she faints, repeatedly collapsing in several positions on the ground, against furniture, across a set of stairs, on top of a gurney, and more.  Her sexy silk nightgowns are switched as the torture progresses (off-camera), and the dead faints continue, with soft groans, a cradle carry, and lengthy eye-rolls permeating the attacker’s vision.  After an epic set of sensual sleepy scenes, Miss Velvets makes a final l attempt to that leads to a climactic scare KO, leaving a limp, sleeping beauty resting in the sunlight!!!

This movie contains multiple fainting knockouts, cradle carry, limp limb manipulation


41 minutes runtime 
Resolution - 720x1280
File Size - 2.9 GB

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