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Workout Knockout


Starring Sumiko, Baunfire, and Amo Morbia

We fade in on Sumiko struggling through an outdoor work out when Baunfire and Amo Morbia appear, mocking Sumiko for not being able to lift a small kettle bell. After taking turns showing off their own strength to the humiliated Sumiko (including picking up said weight), the two decide to have some fun with the weak little Japanese girl. Poor Sumiko can’t escape and is suddenly caught in a whirlwind of knockouts and carries, with each strong woman showing off their power as they use Sumiko as their own weight set!  

A twist ending kicks in as we reach the finale, however, as an enraged Sumiko wakes up and uses pure adrenaline to knock both Baunfire AND Amo OUT COLD with the kettle bell she’d had trouble lifting earlier! She looks down at her unconscious tormentors and tells them she’ll be back to kick some more ass…after a PROPER workout, of course!

This movie contains bear hug KOs, head crush KOs, double bear hug KO, sleeper hold/ hand smother KO, nerve pinch KO, belly punch KO, cradle carry, g/g OTS carries, two person carry, limp limb manipulation

19 minutes run time
Resolution - 720x1280
File Size - 638 MB

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